Antony's BIO

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Mulitapl Guinness World Record holder Antony Britton has been shocking audiances for many years.

making the impossable possable and giving his audiance a heart stopping appriace Antony never fails to bring peoples nightmares to reality.

In his early years he has been knowen to transfer himself from one car to another at speeds of 70 mph on the M606 in Yorkshire.

and as been fined by the  UK court for not telling them how he removed the handcuffs from himself and 5 others when they had been arrested by mistake , failing to tell the court landed him a £250 fine in 1991.

Antony has been labled by others as the badboy of Escapology however his charitable work contradicts this, Antony has always stated “If people takeway something that makes their lifes better in someway then my performance has been succesful”.


Antony returned to the public eye  in 2012 when he exploded back into the media with his straight jacket escape in Wakefield UK rasing money for charity and he has continued to wow and shock his aduiance.

2016  Antony Went for Guinness World Record longest Disdance Run full body burn without oxidant which he managed to smash however due to a technicality he didnt get the GWR, in 2017 Antony Went for the record again he didnt just smash the GWR but also smashed his own record set in 2016 but he also smashed the fasted 100 meter sprint whilst on fire placing him on the same pedestal as Usain Bolt.

Antony has performed some of the most dangerous escapes known in the industry as well as designing and building his own mind bending heart stoping escapes.

In 2014 Antony teamed up with Barret Steel to anable him to build Lucifers Chamber a 6 foot steel cage with over 30 steel spikes inside, this was performed in Bradford UK what everyone didnt know untill the night is once Antony was locked up in the steel monster the whole thing was set alight infront of the crowd with him locked inside. Antony had to pick 9 padlocks 3 of which was outside the cage before i burnt alive.

2013 once again made world wide headlines when he again performed his straight jacket escape, however the wind changed and made the ropes burn fast, Antony had to think quick , dislocating his shoulder enabling him to get out of the jacket faster

in 2015 Antony and his team set out to compleate the buried alive challange which had been set back in 1915 which resulted in a faild escape, it was atteppted in 1949 again resulted in a failed escape.

Antony been the third person to attempt this dangerous escape, after 18 months of training and planning September 2015 came after 8 minuets of been burried under six tones of soil his team needed to act quick and dig him out as Antony had fallen unconscious. Antony like his predisesors faild the task however Antony has always said “it’s not a failed escape, if i have learnt from it then its not a fail”.

This type of buried alive is classed as the most dangerous version as it intails a 6 foot deep grave with no coffin, no trap doors, no air pipes.